Royal College of Art

Textiles Designer


Womenswear fashion graduate Shuying Wang, travelled from her native China to the RCA to continue exploring her fascination with fabric behaviour. True to her concept, Shuying has chosen to take the knitted textiles pathway to give her the freedom to fully explore fabric construction and allow any garments and products to emerge organically from this.


Shuying MA Project 1.1

Shuying explores concepts of human environmental connection, reflecting upon places that play upon the paradox of familiarity and a sense of unbelonging. She combines knitted and woven structures, in natural superfine cashmere with synthetic monofilament and celluloid fibres. Through her exploration of structure and combining opposing fibres, Shuying seeks to ingrain human identity into her fabrics. The outcome is a dishevelled elegance in a refreshing colour palette that both comforts and unsettles.